twig template engine manage alert box delete

<a href=”{{ path(‘admin_manageuser_delete’, {‘deleteid’:}) }}” onclick=”return confirm(‘are u sure?’)”>delete</a>


<a href=”{{ path(‘admin_manageuser_edit’, { ‘editid’: }) }}”>Edit</a> |



{%if totalpage >0 %}
<td colspan=”5″>
<table align=”center”>

{% for i in 1.. totalpage%}
{%if loop.first %}
<td><a href=”{{path(‘admin_manageuser_homepage’,{ ‘page’: currentpage-1 })}}”>Previous</a></td>
<td {%if currentpage==loop.index%}>
<a href=”{{path(‘admin_manageuser_homepage’,{ ‘page’: loop.index })}}”>{{loop.index}}</a></td>

{%if loop.last%}
<td><a href=”{{path(‘admin_manageuser_homepage’,{ ‘page’: currentpage+1 })}}”>Next</a></td>



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